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Final Fantasy 15 Xbox One Controller Shared Online Was Not Real

With highly anticipate games we sometimes see releases of consoles and controllers designed in the game style. One such one that has been share online was a Final Fantasy 15 controller for Xbox One.

Today the Final Fantasy 15 Twitter account shared some bad news:

As the controller had been shared by Microsoft Singapore, they also added a Tweet to further emphasise that this had been a mistake:

With the news that this controller is not real, this may leave many Final Fantasy fans disappointed. Maybe if there is enough of a reaction it will be noticed and Square Enix may actually look at creating a controller that is similar in design. They may also create one that fits a design that they have in mind for the game.

If and when we see a Final Fantasy 15 related controller (or console) it will likely to be closer to the release of the game. Whether this will be for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will be interesting to see. Based on the comments on the Tweet above, most appear to be wanting one for the Sony console instead.

What are your thoughts on this controller? Is it a shame that it isn’t an official design? Let us know your thoughts below.