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Dontnod Reveal More Details about Vampyr

After the release of Life is Strange, the question of what Dontnod will be working on next has been revealed. Launching in 2017, Vampyr will be releasing on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

In a recent interview with Gamespot narrative director Stéphane Beauverger, art director Grégory Szucs, and game director Philippe Moreau revealed some details about the game. Set in 1918 Britain during the outbreak of the lethal Spanish flu Vampyr will be a role-playing game.

On the game’s main character Jonathan E Reid, Beauverger revealed:

“Jonathan E. Reid is a brilliant doctor who served during the war and became familiar with a brand new blood transfusion technique that’s saved many lives. When the game begins, he’s just returned from the war, waking up after an attack by a mysterious assailant. This attack was the cause of his transformation into a vampire. We can’t reveal all of the consequences but his status as a specialist of human blood is of interest to the vampire society that hides in the shadows.”

On the influence that the Spanish flu will have on the game, he also revealed:

“the epidemic will play a major part in the story. The Spanish Flu is still considered as the most lethal epidemic in mankind’s history–even deadlier than the black plague. It affects everyone and everything throughout the game. As a doctor, the hero will be asked to save lives, but as a vampire, he will be driven to take some.”

On it being a vampire themed game, Philippe Moreau added:

“We want to go back to the Gothic roots of Vampire mythology and emphasize their struggling duality: killing innocent people to survive is the price of immortality… So if you, as a player, were a vampire, how would you handle that choice? Less glitter, more grit.”

They also revealed that the game will not be episodic which is no surprise as it is a role-playing game. They also revealed that it will be developed using the Unreal 4 engine.

Are you looking forward to Vampyr? Let us know your thoughts on Dontnod’s latest game below.