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Street Fighter 5 Beta Has Been Updated, Is a New Stress Test on the Way? (Update)

Update: It is official, new Street Fighter V beta will go live on December 17-20.

Original Story: While there has been no announcement that a Street Fighter 5 stress test could be taking place soon, the beta has been updated. Capcom has been teasing at some testing in the future, so this update may be a sign that they are preparing to once again let fans play the game.

Eventhubs is reporting that the update version of the game is 1.06, and the size of the update 2.26GB. Obviously this is a big update, and it is obvious that Capcom won’t update the beta version of the game for no reason. With The Video Game Awards 2015 happening this week as well as the PlayStation Experience though, it could also be something related to these events.

As future stress testing will be taking place though this has obviously peaked fans interest as they wait to get to try out the game again, and see what changes may have been made. The better the game performs, and the more balanced gameplay will obviously be something they are looking for as well as some more fighters to play.

With the stress testing being more than just a chance for players to get access to the game though, obviously Capcom will be preparing for any stress testing so that they can collect all their data. Their announcement, if it comes, may be to shape server traffic so that it either throws less people at the game, or causes a rush on the server to put it through more stress.

Whatever Capcom are up to with the Street Fighter 5 beta, if any announcements are made we’ll let you know. Then you can get back to battling and testing out the new features of the game.

Are you looking forward to the chance of playing Street Fighter 5 again? Let us know your thoughts below.