Pokken Tournament to Get New Pokemon on December 10?

While Pokken Tournament has only been released for arcades, and that too specifically in Japan, it is also a fact that fans who are waiting for the game to release on Wii U elsewhere would want to know what they should expect.

Keeping that in mind, here we are with a new tease that has come in from the official Twitter account of the game. A couple of hours ago, the Pokken Official Twitter shared an image alongside a tease that there is another Pokemon that wants to get in on the war!

They did not reveal anything leading to the identification of the said Pokemon, and the only thing that looks vaguely related to the character in question was the Japanese character “ン” which literally just means “n.”

We are digging in to it and trying to figure out what this is all about, however, if you have been in touch with everything related to Pokken Tournament, give us your ideas below.

The game has been released for arcades in Japan and where it has been deemed a little unpopular. It is, nonetheless, bring highlt awaited for release to Wii U. Japanese audience will get Pokken Tournament on March 18 while the western markets will have to wait until spring.