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PlayStation Experience Keynote Will Take Place on Saturday

This week will hopefully have some big news for video games, especially with the Game Awards on Thursday and this weekend’s PlayStation Experience. We expect some big reveals and teases for games coming in 2016 and beyond.

With this in mind a Twitter user asked PlayStation VP of publisher and developer relations Adam Boyes when the company will be holding their keynote press conference at the PlayStation Experience. Boyes replied with:

This should be where the company look over the games that will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and hopefully where they reveal some big titles coming in 2016. While this may show some new footage of the games we already know are coming, if we are lucky we may also see something new.

With some interesting teases as to what could be coming, anticipation will be high. Fans will obviously be hoping to hear news on games like God of War 4, and maybe even a release date for No Man’s Sky, but there is also a chance we could see something totally new that has not been announced yet.

What we can expect to see of course will be a focus on PlayStation VR as the company is heavily pushing the new Virtual Reality headset. Any news on this will be welcomed by fans, especially more details on how it will work in the home environment.

With the Video Game Awards 2015 happening just before the PlayStation Experience, it will be interesting to see what Sony will show at the awards, and what they will save for their own event.

Do you think PlayStation Experience will feature some big reveals? Let us know your thoughts below.