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Onimusha Trademark Registered by Capcom

It’s hard not to get excited whenever something related to the next “Onimusha” comes up. Capcom hasn’t said anything but bits and pieces of information keep popping up every now and then.

The latest information to come related to the next Onimusha is a trademark registered by Capcom. The company has filed a new trademark (not renewed) for Onimusha. The trademark is numbered 2015-112878, but due to filing being in Japanese, right now we can’t say for sure if that is actually for a new video game or, sadly, for a Pachinko machine.

Last time we saw Onimusha, it was on PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC, and Game Boy back in 2001. However, there was a browser game released in 2012. It’s about time Capcom announced a new Onimusha and if they do, we can expect it to come on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.