Monster Hunter Online to Feature More Detailed Character Creation

Monster Hunter Online is currently going through a closed beta in China and is reaching its final stages. As well as revealing new monsters the game also features an impressive character creation system.

As revealed on the character creation in the game is a lot more complicated than has been seen in other versions of the game. With a system that promises more detail it offers players 47 options to create their own unique player.

Included in the adjustments are the ability to change face, hair, eyes, eyebrows and other features. This can be seen in action in the trailer above. While this is fairly standard in other games, the Monster Hunter games haven’t really gone into details like this before.

With the character creation being a popular aspect of recent games, it is nice to see that a game like Monster Hunter Online is putting more focus on this feature. Players like to make their characters feel more unique, especially in a shared world like an MMORPG as you want to stand out from the crowd. For some people, the more details they can change on their character the better.

Monster Hunter Online is an MMO for the PC based on Capcom’s action game series. Developed by Tencent Games and Capcom and uses CryEngine 3. Now in beta testing, when it is finally released, fans in the West will obviously be looking for news as to when they will be able to access the game.

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