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Fallout 4 Blurred Vision Bug; All Workarounds Listed

The Fallout 4 blurred vision bug is making life hard for a number of fans and since Bethesda has not released an official fix for it, we have to rely on workarounds of our own. Thankfully, we have a handful of those.

Before we dig into that, we have picked up reports that there are a number of things that were supposed to fix the bug but they did not. These include resting in a bed, using RadAway and Stimpacks, changing attire, saving and re-loading save file, going to the doctor, injuring oneself, developing an addiction, radiation poisoning, undergoing facial, and reconstruction surgery.

What has reportedly worked, however, includes getting a concussion. You can do this by looking for a low cover and crouching behind it while the enemy looks to shoot you. Make sure your head can be targeted and them let them shoot. When you use Stimpak after that, your blurred vision will be cured.

The second way to get rid of the Fallout 4 blurred vision bug is too load an older save file from a time when the game had not been corrupted with the bug. However, this will only work if you were smart enough to keep those save files with you.

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Lastly, you can also use console commands to get rid of it although Bethesda doesn’t approve of them. Hit tilde ~ key to get to console commands and use rimod 00094636 to get rid of the green blur and rimod 002041B6 for white-gray blur.

Did these fix your Fallout 4 blurred vision bug? Let us know below!