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Destiny King’s Fall First Challenge Mode Round Goes Live

The very first King’s Fall Challenge Mode round has gone live for Destiny players. It’s a remix of the Warpriest encounter, some changes and interesting elements have been added. I won’t be mentioning much details as it may spoil the fun.

Normal and Hard difficulty modes just got a little more exciting. On the hand, rewards are being pumped-up as well. According to a few redditors, Guardians will get 310 item for normal mode, and another 320 for hard mode. Some details were also shared by the reddit user:

Some things that are known now: you must have different aura holders, deaths do not matter nor do amount of dps phases. If you’ve completed it on a character and didn’t complete the challenge you can try it again and a chest will spawn w/ the rewards.

We”ll update update you as soon as more details are available regarding the new challenge.