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343 Developer Kyle Hefley Designs a Realistic Version of Zelda’s Link

Game characters have been recreated in many ways by artists, with Nintendo ones normally having an anime style to them especially those from Zelda. If you ever wanted to see a more realistic Link design, a 343 developer has come up with what he believes the character could look like.

This version of Link has been revealed on the NeoGaf website by user Crossing Eden and features the character with long wavy hair and looking angry, which is quite a difference from the more cute character we are used to. This version of Link was designed by 343 developer Kyle Hefley.

What this character does represent though is a battle hardened version of Link who has battled his way through Hyrule, he even has the Master Sword and iconic shield. Looking at the comments on the forum, most seem to have a problem with his aged look.

With the character of Link being around 17, this version of the character is a little questionable, as is the earrings that he has in his ear. Thinking of the fights that Link has gone through though, would he not look older than his years?

Obviously I agree that he does look a little too aged, I don’t think that this is too much of an issue. What is impressive though is the level of detail in the character. I prefer the more anime style which fits the Nintendo characters, and arguably fits the vision that Nintendo have for the character.

What do you think of the Kyle Hefley designed realistic version of Link? Let us know your opinion below on if Zelda characters need a realistic makeover like this.