Xbox One Elite Controller Demand Exceeded their Planning Reveals Microsoft

It looks like the Xbox One Elite Controller has been a big success, or at least a bigger one than Microsoft expected. They are now working on building up some stock though to meet demand.

This was revealed by Phil Spencer on Twitter, when a fan asked him about being able to buy the controller:

On meeting the important Christmas demand, he was less confident in giving a reply:

With the pad releasing at the same time as Halo 5: Guardians it seems that this has worked well in catching gamer’s interest. In fact, it worked better than Microsoft seem to expect. As they seem to be working to fix this, hopefully this will be soon. With Spencer not being able to put a concrete answer to the question of availability for Christmas though, it looks like many fans are going to be disappointed.

With the controller selling out so quickly, the best way to buy get your hands on them recently has been to purchase one as part of the Xbox One Elite package, but this is hardly an ideal situation. Hopefully Microsoft can get their act together and finally meet the demand that people have for the controller at the moment.

Are you looking to buy an Elite Xbox One Controller when they become available again? Let us know your thoughts below.