WB Montreal Hiring for Two New AAA Games Based on the DC Universe

With Batman: Arkham Knight seemingly closing off the Arkham games, fans of DC Comics are waiting to see what comes next from their favourite Superheroes. Looking at the way WB Montreal are hiring it looks like they have some interesting plans in the coming years.

While Batman: Arkham Origins may not have been the most popular games to feature Bruce Wayne’s alter ego it looks like WB Montreal haven’t finished with DC characters. In fact they are hiring for two AAA games that will feature characters from the DC Universe.

What’s interesting about this move is the fact that there are so many of the DC properties riding high in popularity right now. With Batman vs. Superman on its way and the Suicide Squad making their way to the big screen these are two options the company has. On television we also have Flash, Arrow and Supergirl.

With DC having even bigger plans at the moment there will also be Wonder Woman in the coming years as well as Aqua Man, and other DC characters and this is before looking to some of the other characters yet to make it out of the comics. It is obvious though that WB Montreal would be looking for some of the super heroes that are in the spotlight now to work on. Maybe even returning to the Bat, as he is a tried and trusted medium to work with.

Whatever characters will feature in these games, the fact that WB Montreal are hiring right now is interesting. If you have the talent that fits any of the jobs, it may be worth having a look as you may get lucky and be able to shape the games.

Which characters do you think WB Montreal will use in these new games? Let us know your thoughts below.