Ubisoft Reveal Feedback from For Honor Closed Alpha Testing

A game like For Honor gaining the attention of the gaming community is important. Listening to the feedback of people who have tried the game, Ubisoft have revealed how it is listening to fan request.

In a new blog by For Honor’s Community Developer Emile Gauthier he revealed that some players had been invited to a closed alpha for the game on PC. This was for them to provide feedback not on just what they liked about the game but also what they wanted to be improved.

With the learning curve for the game Gauthier says that 56.61% of players found the game easy to grasp, especially learning how to fight. While this is a slim majority, many also found that there was a need for improvement in this area.

Most problems people had were the challenge with handling more than one challenger at a time. Gauthier revealed that the developers are working on a system that adapts lopsided fights so that they are easier to handle, while not losing the focus on the importance of teamwork.

On the game balancing it is stated that things appear to be well balanced in the alpha testing phase with the three maps available to the players seeing a balance hovering around 50% for victories and losses for the attackers and defenders. Obviously this will be one of the most important focuses for the game.

With this being a close alpha version of the game the Heroes players could use were limited. The ones available were the Oni and The Warden. It appears from user feedback that these Heroes well liked, especially the Oni’s speed and Warden’s toughness.

On a final note he added:

“Another great thing we learned from this closed alpha is that we have a growing community of fans that are passionate about the game we’re creating. We have been amazed by the positivity and the motivation of our closed alpha testers, and we can’t wait to put For Honor in the hands of more players.”

So maybe in due time we’ll get to play the game and see for ourselves. We’ll have to keep an eye out for when beta testing is announced.

Are you interested in For Honor? Are you looking forward to trying it out? Let us know your thoughts below.