Tekken 7: Tekken Tunes Impossible at the Moment Says Harada

If you have played Tekken Tag Tournament 2, you would have also used the Tekken Tunes feature to listen to the music and whatnot. However, it looks like Tekken 7 might not actually have that feature.

Katsuhiro Harada, the Game Director and Chief Producer for the series was answering a number of questions about the game’s development, gameplay as well as features on his official Twitter account when he was asked about Tekken Tunes.

In his reply, Harada said that “it’s impossible for the moment.” The reason he gave for this was that in order to bring the feature to Tekken 7 they will need too push Sony to release a system software update for the console and also change their policy.

However, don’t be mad at them because the developers have been negotiating with Sony Computer Entertainment all along. In another tweet Harada said that they are trying to convince them but right now “it’s not too easy” because apparently there is some “security issue” as well.

He did not explain what the security issue is, however, from the looks of it we think that the fans will have to make do without Tekken Tunes when Tekken 7 launches.

The developers had talked about the game’s 2016 release last month, you can read up on that here.