Psychologists Debate on The Good and Bad of Video Games

Whether computer games are good or bad for us has come up yet again. Psychologists have been looking at the subject, and thankfully the results weren’t on the negative side.

Tell Me About Games reports that a debate was held at the “House of Psychology” in Milan. Looking at the subject and according to Luca Mazzucchelli, vice president of the order of Psychologists in Lombardy that fact that games are a medium for great cultural and social impact make them an interesting subject to look at.

According to the conclusions of the discussion the following results were discovered:

  • The game industry has an estimated annual turnover of 893.3 million euros.
  • 29.3 million people play games in Italy.
  • The divide between male and female players in Italy is equally divided (59% and 41%)
  • Video games are providing more and more tools for development in the family, 60% are good for developing skills.

The conclusion of the debate found that there were actually many benefits derived from playing games. They are good for mental agility as well as learning strategy which leads to useful tools not only for the family environment but also at work.

They found that the brain retains experiences which are built up by playing games and this is where their strength lies. Obviously a debate like this does not take into effect the other sides of gaming such as the abuse that can be experienced, but this was not what the debate was about. This was looking at how games are good for not only the people playing but also the family as a whole.

What are your thoughts on these results? Let us know below.