Michael Pachter Doubts We’ll See Nintendo NX in 2016

With plenty of speculation around when we’ll see the Nintendo NX released, many have their predictions. One person to voice one on the release date is Michael Pachter.

With the release of episode 5 of his Pachter Factor the video game and electronics research analyst didn’t seem hopeful for a 2016 release, though he did say there was a chance. With him also admitting though that he doesn’t know anything about the console, this is purely speculation but one based on an educated opinion.

When asked when the NX will be released in the United States he looked to the way that Nintendo worked in the past with their releases. Stating that once they announced the console at an E3, you could normally expect a release 18 months later. Based on this he thinks that the release in 2016 of the console is highly unlikely.

He did note though that there are rumours that the NX development kits have been sent to developers. If these are true he says that there is a remote chance that this could be a sign the console will arrive sooner. His prediction being:

“I would say 20% chance it comes out in 2016 in the U.S., 80% chance it comes out in 2017. If you don’t see it before E3, there’s a 0% chance it’s coming out in 2016.”

So based on Pachter’s opinion we’ll have to wait to see just when we see the Nintendo NX next year before we can come up with some better predictions as to when we’ll see the new console.

When do you think Nintendo is aiming to release the NX? Let us know your thoughts below.