Dead Island Redux Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC? Retailer Says So!

If you are a fan of Dead Island, you will be siked to know that something called Dead Island Redux has been listed on the website of a Dutch retailer.

Nothing of that name has been officially confirmed by Deep Silver, the publisher, which is why nothing can be said with certainty.

However, the retailer in question, named Bart Smit, says that the game will be released not only on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but also PC. They did not share a release date for the title though.

Other than that, the retailer reveals that Dead Island Redux will cost you €39.99 which roughly equals $42.30. No imagery was shared on either one of the listings as space where the boxart should be displayed only as the name of the game written on it.

You can check out the game for PC, Xbox One or PS4 by clicking on these links.

If this turns out to be true, we could either be seeing a remade version of the original title or a new spin off for the series.

Either way, since nothing has come from the official sources we suggest you take this with the proverbial grain of salt and wait for a confirmation on the existence of Dead Island Redux from Deep Silver.