Could The Fallout 4 DLC Have Something to do with Underwater Locations?

It has been a few weeks since Fallout 4 released, and by now almost everyone has had the pleasure of waltzing across the destroyed world doing what they do best. All areas have been explored and we know everything there is in the game (almost); so much so that we are now eyeing the upcoming Fallout 4 DLC.

For instance, one Reddit user decided to fall into the ocean and when he couldn’t get out easy he decided to explore. What he found was pretty interesting and detailed. For example, there are these extensively designed environments with things like Power Armor frames, ammo caches, submarines and whatnot.

Our question is, could this be everything there is in Fallout 4 relating to the underwater locations?

Why was the whole thing designed with so much detail in it if there are no quests relating to the underwater environments. Also, there happens to be a very intricately designed system of underwater survival for our characters with a number of ways you can use to stay alive.

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Oh and how could we forget the secret harpoon weapon.

Now we are not saying there is no way this isn’t happening, but there are chances – based on what we have figured out above – that the next or at least some other Fallout 4 DLC could take us on a trip to the seas.

Wouldn’t that be fun!