PlayStation Store is Wobbly Due to Increased Traffic

Black Friday 2015, just like all Black Fridays before it, has come with a ton of mega discounts and a ridiculous mayhem caused by thousands upon thousands of customers trying to buy something while it lasts. PlayStation Network and the PlayStation Store are no different.

We have picked up reports that people are finding it difficult to log in to their PlayStation Network account while others have not even been able to crank up the PlayStation Store and buy the games they want.

Of course, the problem is primarily due to the increased load of traffic that the shopping extravaganza has dragged in, which also means that this is not going to last very long.

Even right now, the service is jumping between being available and unavailable. If you visit the Store through the web browser, you get a message reading that the store is “currently not available.”

The official Ask PlayStation account on Twitter has also confirmed the issue saying:

We are aware that some users are having connectivity issues with PSN this morning. Thanks for your patience as we investigate.

It has also been reported that due to the issues with PSN, people have also had trouble logging into a couple of games, especially Destiny. This got a confirmation when the Twitter account of Bungie Help tweeted “players on PlayStation 4 may be unable to connect to Destiny servers. Thank you for your patience as we investigate the cause of the issue.”

Check back later for updates on PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store.