Free Version of Starcraft II Updated With Legacy of the Void Content

Blizzard recently released Legacy of the Void, the final expansion for Starcraft II. Along with it, it looks like the free version of StarCraft II has been updated.

Known as the Starter Edition, Starcraft II free version is offering custom competitive with all updates and units found in Legacy of the Void.

The only issue here is that you can’t play with random folks online. There is no matchmaking so you’ll have to invite your friends only. Invite them and play.

If you feel interested, you can download the free version right now.

However, the best part is that this free edition now gives you access to Legacy of the Void’s co-op mode. You will be able to choose from three of the six and all co-op missions are available to you.

Legacy of the Void recently came out and like I said, it is the final expansion for the game. The big question n0w is that what’s next for Starcraft? Another game? Or will Blizzard start work on a new IP?