Modders Improve Fallout 4 Lighting and Terrain Surfaces While Using Less VRAM

When Fallout 4 was released it is fair to say that the graphics where a little underwhelming at times. This is why there is hope that the modding community can do what they did with Skyrim and improve the textures.

A few mods discovered by dsogaming may finally be bringing these upgrades to the game, and improving not only the textures but also adding more realistic lighting. What is the most surprising thing though is that this can be done all using less VRAM.

The first mod can be downloaded here and is by modder Hein84. This overhauls the game’s terrain surfaces. An example of the improvement can be seen below:

As you can see there is visual improvements to the surfaces, and with the changes in textures you would expect this to have an impact on VRAM. The fact that it actually reduces usage is interesting, and shows a better use of compression by the modder.

For the improvements to the lighting, modder Fr4nnson’s mod can be downloaded here. This mod not only improves lighting in indoors environments but also outdoors. It should be noted though that this mod does make the game darker.

While these are impressive mods, there are no doubt even better ones to come in the future. What these show though, even within a month of the games release is that the graphics can be improved with a little work. With Bethesda working so hard to get the game released though, you can forgive them for not being the ones to provide an update like this so soon.

Will you be using these mods to improve Fallout 4? Let us know your thoughts on these mods and others below.