Launch Trailer for Rainbow Six: Siege Takes Us Once More Unto the Breach

Ubisoft have released a new trailer for Rainbow Six: Siege which will be releasing December 1. With the Open Beta finally available too, people are able to get a taste of what to expect from the game.

The new trailer called The Breach is narrated by British actor Mark Strong reciting the lines from William Shakespeare’s Henry V. What we see in the trailer is footage of a Siege team moving into attack, using plenty of weapons that we see in the game as well as some of the locations.

What the trailer does well is show how important teamwork is when taking on the enemy, and this is the main focus of the game. Though you can actually be the villains in the game, defending yourself from the other team trying to take you out.

With Rainbow Six Siege being another game that is focused on online play, the importance of the stability of the network code has once again come under scrutiny. With the Open Beta coming just a week before the release, and having problems this has led to some worry.

Now that the Open Beta is up and running though players who are interested in the game are getting a good feel as to what to expect from the game. Fun with a group of friends, there is a big focus on strategy, with those who rush into the battle finding that they are punished for their impulsiveness.

If the game can perform well without too many online issues, this may prove a popular title for Ubisoft. We’ll just have to see how the big release goes next week.

Are you looking forward to the release of Rainbow Six: Siege? Have you been playing the Open Beta? Let us know your thoughts below.