Criterion Games Tease Their Involvement in Star Wars Battlefront Development

Criterion Games have a history of releasing some good racing games. With the Burnout and Need for Speed games they certainly know how to keep the action exciting and fast, which makes a Tweet about Star Wars Battlefront by the company perfect sense.

In a Tweet today, Criterion revealed some interesting trivia about Star Wars Battlefront:

With the game company being listed in the game credits it is safe to assume that they were the people who worked on some of the vehicle sections of the game, especially the speeder bikes. What they don’t reveal though is if they worked on any other vehicles in the game that players get to control.

Looking at the footage of the footage they share, it is evident that they have done a good job in recreating the speed of the bikes, or at least how we expect them to be. Anybody who has seen Return of the Jedi remember these scenes and wanted to be on them, so seeing them recreated so well is a highlight of Star Wars Battlefront.

With Criterion Games showing off some of their work in Star Wars Battlefront, now hopefully they can reveal what they are working on next. We may all remember their announcement from E3 2014, now we are waiting to see what comes of it.

What are your thoughts on the speed bikes in Star Wars Battlefront, let us know below.