Tomonobu Itagaki Comments on the Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Release News

As expected the news that Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is not heading to the West has become a major debate. With many playing into the argument and accusations being thrown as to who caused the decision, the conversations rage on.

With the news that the game would not be heading to the West, one gamer asked Tomonobu Itagaki, the creator of Dead or Alive what he thought of the news his initial reply was:

“Guys, I don’t know the truth, can’t understand, and even estimate.
Are they planning to sell DOAX3 only in Japan???
What the hell…..”

“Huh?? Why??? Are they chicken????”

Which then extended to an interesting conclusion:

“Okay, I understood. They’re not only moron but also Galapagosian Lolita Complexed Chicken.
That’s the truth. Thanks”

He also noted something that is very insightful in the current situation:

“I have to say. This IS Xtreme selling strategy”

The fact is as soon as the news was heard that the game would not be released in the West fans were not happy at all, and have looked for ways to import the game. One such avenue has been found and sales will no doubt go up as a result.

Whether the game deserved the popularity it appears to now is debatable. The fact is, in my opinion the game should have been released if there is a market for it, even if I am not part of that market. People who have no interest in it would not buy it, and the world can then move on to the next controversial games release. There may have been comments on the content of the game, and some critics may have raised issues about the game,  but that should not get in the way of a release like this. Obviously the final decision is the game publishers, and that has been made.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 drama? Let us know your thoughts below.