Steam Controller Update Attempts to Make Strategy and RPG Interaction Better

With the release of the Steam Controller Value are hoping to corner the market for PC controllers. Using them with the Steam Box, one problem has been the fact that there are still games that need keyboard and mouse interaction.

This issue is being looked at, and in a new update to the controller known as ‘Mouse Region’ the user is given the ability to map certain regions of the touchpad to specific areas of the game window. What this means in theory is that the player has the ability to select a certain area on the screen, for example the world map, and use the touchpad on that area of the screen.

While this may not seem useful at first, the usefulness of this comes in when you consider the total area of the actual game window. To move the mouse pointer all the way from one area of the map to the other can take some time. If a ‘Mouse Region’ can instantly be moved to instead, this can save some precious time during battle.

This will be a useful update for fans of RPG games, strategy and MMOs, especially where speed is important. In fact if these updates work as expected, this could be where the Steam Controller gets an edge on other controllers such as the Xbox Controller which lacks the same versatility.

Whether this is the case or not though is yet to be seen. With the Steam Box’s popularity being determined by the use of the Steam Controller though, this could be an important update.

Are you interested in the new update to the Steam Controller? Let us know your thoughts below.