Sociable Soccer Kickstarter Has Been Cancelled

If you were looking forward to Sociable Soccer, the spiritual successor to Sensible Soccer you may be worried with the latest news. The Kickstarter for the game has been cancelled.

If you go to the Kickstarter page you’ll see a message from Jon Hale:

“Dear Backers and Fans, thank you for your support. Development is continuing full steam ahead but unfortunately the Kickstarter campaign is now closed.

Sociable Soccer is still happening and will come out in due course through traditional publishing channels”

Hopefully the future of Sociable Soccer is as positive as the message suggest. With 1,767 backers and £32,498 pledged of the £300,000 goal the decision appears to be that the campaign won’t have made it to the total. Other avenues for funding will now be looked for so that development can continue.

What will this mean for the game? Probably not much, but there may be certain aspects of the game that will be changed or even cancelled. This will all depend on what publisher Jon Hale can connect with and what deals will be made.

What does this mean for the backers? Obviously they will get their money back, but won’t get the rewards that they were promised. If these people are fans of Sensible Soccer I’m sure they are much more interested in getting the game released than Kickstarter rewards.

When released Sociable Soccer will be an arcade style football game that promises over 30 single player trophies to be won. This will also include DIY competitions for up to 8 player controlled teams on a single machine or online.

With Hale saying that the game will still happen hopefully this will be the case. For now, we’ll just have to wait for more news.

Did you back Sociable Soccer? What are your thoughts on the cancellation of the Kickstarter? Let us know your thoughts below.