Deadmau5 and Aaron Carter Settle Remix Dispute in CS:GO

Aaron Carter, an American singer who came to fame as a pop and hip hop singer in the late 1990s, uploaded an Instagram of a track earlier this month which resulted in him facing Deadmau5 (a Canadian progressive-house music producer and performer from Toronto, Ontario) in a Counter Strike Global Offensive battle.

The track in question was actually a remix of Deadmua5’s “The Veldt,” but for some reason Aaron forgot to mention that in his caption. He later changed it to clear things up but it was already too late as Deadmau5 fans shared some heated comments in reply to Aaron’s post.

Later on, Deadmau5 shared a Tweet asking Aaron “Y u do this?”

Aaron replied: “I do remix THIS morning and everyone hood on my shit wtf lol homage to @deadmau5 don’t hate appreciate.”

Deadmau5 wasn’t happy about what Aaron had done and wanted to settle the dispute with a Counter Strike Global Offensive battle. After throwing some friendly insults toward one another, the battle was scheduled.

Today, the action went live on Twitch and we saw blood, sweat and tears on the battleground. But finally, the remix dispute was settled as Deadmau5 successfully defended his honor and defeated Aaron.

Aaron didn’t go empty handed though: