Activision Blizzard to Raise Hearthstone World Championship Prize Pool to $1 Million

Activision Blizzard has announced the prize pool of the Hearthstone World Championship 2016; according to a recent report.

The report reads that Blizzard has finalized the amount to be $1 million USD which is 4x the prize pool of World Championship 2015.

This is not all! In addition to $1 million USD, the company has also announced “a $100,000 prize pool for each of the nine preliminary events” which happens in USA, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Combining all this, the total sum adds up to be around $2 million USD which depicts the company’s commitment to the growth of worldwide eSports scene.

The earliest of the upcoming Hearthstone Championship events is DreamHack Winter 2015 which is scheduled to take place from Nov. 25, 2015 to Nov. 29, 2015.

Hearthstone World Championship 2015 was held at BlizzCon 2015 during which $250,000 USD were distributed among a total of 16 participants. This is huge news for the game’s fans across the globe that look forward to the growth of competitive scene. Despite the size of the tournament staying the same, it is good to see Blizzard doing more for the community.

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