PSN Sale for Black Friday 2015 Confirmed by Sony!

Good news folks! Sony Computer Entertainment has officially (and finally) confirmed the PSN Sale for Black Friday 2015. Although it has been a while since their rivals Microsoft announced something similar for the shopping extravaganza, Sony took their time.

In an email sent out to the PlayStation Network users by Sony Computer Entertainment, the company teased of a Black Friday 2015 checklist where the first and the only point in the list was “visit PlayStation Store and get some excellent Black Friday Deals.”

This was followed by yet another jab at their competitors as well as other retailers that read “job done – all you need for the best Black Friday!” Sadly that was all that they revealed through the email.

Since they did not share the exact contents and other details regarding the PSN Sale for Black Friday 2015, we will ask you to check back with us for that later.

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Also, stay connected with us for more updates on Black Friday 2015 deals since we will be updating you as sooon as more announcements come in.