Killing Floor 2 to Get Microtransactions While Still in Early Access

Killing Floor 2 is currently still in Early Access, this means that many changes are still coming to the game as development progresses. One of the updates will be the addition of microtransactions to the game.

If you’ve played the game through Early Access or when it was available free for a weekend you’ll know that it is an entertaining wave based zombie shooter. As with all games of this type, surviving for any length of time depends on what weaponry and items you have.

With the inclusion of microtransactions, or as they will be known in Killing Floor 2 the “Zed-conomy” items will be made available for purchase through the Steam Wallet system. What will be interesting though is as well as buying items, they can be traded and sold too.

In the new FAQ about the Zed-conomy one thing Tripwire, the developers of the game wanted to make sure was clear was that free content would still be made available:

“Our plan is to continue updating Killing Floor 2 for years just as we did for Killing Floor 1. We will continue to add new perks, new maps, new zeds and other content we come up with for free. Just as the DLC in the first game, the money made on these items goes towards creating new (free) content, events and whatever else we can dream up for you!”

Perhaps most importantly, on if players will have to keep on spending money to be competitive they revealed:

“No. All of the content added in Trading Floor at launch will be cosmetic only and not affect gameplay in any way. In the future we may be adding weapons with new gameplay for sale, but this will appear in the “Shared Content” area on the server. This means that, if any player on the server has a weapon (like the Chivalry Zweihander now), then every player on the server will be able to use it. No-one gets any “advantage”. Co-op game – everyone starts out equal! Our goal is for any such weapons to be side grades anyway, so they won’t provide an edge over the current tier of weapon power.”

What do you think about the addition of the Trading Floor to Killing Floor 2, and the Zed-conomy? Let us know your opinion on it below.