Guild Wars 2 to Offer “Thanks” This Weekend with Free Gifts

While the end of this week may all be about the Black Friday sales and where to get the best prices for games, some companies are looking to treat their fans. Giving thanks for the support of the Guild Wars 2 community, ArenaNet are giving away some treasures in their store.

This announcement was made on Twitter today:

While the Tweet doesn’t reveal too much, TentonHammer revealed a few more hints as to how to get the rewards from the game. One tip is to make sure you follow the Guild Wars 2 Twitter account as this is where you’ll receive news on just when the gems will be available in the store. The other revelation is that the items will be released each day of the weekend.

We probably can’t expect too much from the free gifts, the fact that they are being made available is a nice touch by ArenaNet. On the Thanksgiving Weekend in America, it’s nice of the company to give “thanks” to the people who spend their money on the game and keep it being a success.

Be on the lookout for the free gifts over the weekend, if you are lucky you may just find something special on offer. It’ll be interesting to see if any other companies do the same thing, and give away some items for their games over the weekend.

Do you think the free gifts will be anything significant? Let us know your thoughts below.