Format Changes coming to League of Legends Challenger Series 2016

With League of Legends heading towards its offseason, it is time for some changes to be made to the Challenger Series for 2016. There will be a move away from ranked teams, with a focus now on Qualification Tournaments to determine which teams will be eligible.

With moving away from Ranked Teams, the open tournament will now be run through the League of Legends Battlegrounds. This is where the competing teams for the Challenger Series Qualifiers will be decided.

After teams have signed up to the Open Qualifier they will be drawn into a bracket to see who will play for a spot at their region’s Challenger Series Qualifier. As you can see in the brackets below, there will be North American and European teams included in this.


As part of the season you’ll notice that there is the “National Leagues” for the European Union. This will include ESL Meisterschaft in German, ESL Mistrzostwa Polski in Polant, and LVP’s Division de Honor in Spain. The winners of these will be rewarded with a place in the Championship Series Qualifiers.

The format of the North America qualifiers will be:

  • 2 lowest CS teams from 2015 Summer Split vs. top 2 teams from the NA CS Open Qualifier
  • 5th Place CS team picks their opponent from the NA Open Qualifier

For Europe the teams will include:

  • 2 lowest CS teams from 2015 CS Summer Split
  • 3 National League winners
  • 3 teams from the EU CS Open Qualifiers
    • EUW & EUNE winners
    • Winner of one-off match between the EUW/EUNE 2nd place seeds

The format for Europe will be:

  • Teams are split into two single-elimination brackets with four teams per bracket
  • Seeding into brackets is random, but each of the 2 CS teams, as well as the top team from EUW and EUNE, will be drawn into different brackets.

Be sure to visit the site for more details, including times for the events and how to sign-up for them.

Will you be taking part in the 2016 Challenger Series? Let us know your thoughts on the changes below.