Bungie Reveal Some Harder Destiny Challenges for King’s Fall’s Raid

If you thought that Bungie may show some festive cheer and take it easy on Destiny fans, then think again. In the latest update to fans they revealed that a “harder” challenge is coming to the King’s Fall Raid.

If you’ve already defeated Oryx in Hard Mode and thought it was all over, think again. Today Lead Raid Designer Gavin Irby has announced some further changes that will be coming to the Raid:

“Hello again, my fellow Raiders! I wanted to give you a heads-up on an upcoming feature for the King’s Fall Raid: Challenge Modes!

Early in December, one of the King’s Fall bosses will offer their challenge each week. You’ll see which boss when you select the Raid in the Director. It will display next to a skull, just like one of our Nightfall modifiers. They work on both normal and hard mode, and offer rewards to match.

Each boss’s challenge requires that you defeat them in a very specific manner. How, exactly? We’re going to leave that up to you to discover (but apologies in advance to those that run the single-pool strat for Golgoroth).

Good luck, Guardians!”

While Bungie won’t be revealing too many details on the actual challenges, you can expect them to be far from easy. At least it should keep the game interesting and keep the Guardians invested in showing off their Destiny skills. Though there seems to be little festive cheer in raising the challenge of the game.

Are you looking forward to taking part in the new challenges? Let us know your thoughts below.