Wii U Gamepads Being Sold Separately

One of the biggest annoyances of Wii U, apart from the lack of developer support, is the unavailability of its Wii U Gamepad. Players aren’t able to buy it separately which is understandably frustrating.

This means that if you have any issues with the gamepad itself, you will either have take it in for repair, ask Nintendo for replacement or get a completely new console.

This was a major problem for fans but thankfully, Nintendo has finally decided to sell Wii U gamepads separately (at least in Japan). It is being sold for ¥12,800 ($104), in the region and hopes are that soon these gamepads will be sold as a standalone product in the west as well.

Wii U Gamepad

Nintendo is yet share a statement about their plans for standalone gamepads in other regions, but we will let you know as soon as they do.

Hopefully, they will price it reasonably, over $100 is a bit out of my budget.

Would you like to see Wii U gamepad as a standalone product in other regions?