Scalebound Creator Hideki Kamiya Asks Fans What Sequels and Spin-offs They Would Want

When Scalebound creator Hideki Kamiya is not spending his time blocking people on Twitter, it appears he also has some interesting questions for his fans too. If he was to make a sequel to one of his games what would you want? Also, if there were spin-offs what would you like to see?

Asking the question of his fans on Twitter, there were some interesting options available:

And for the spin-offs:

On the subject of the sequels, it shows the quality of games when the titles we have to choose from are Devil May Cry, Viewtiful, Joe, Okami, and Bayonetta. My choice would be Bayonetta, though hopefully this time not exclusive to the Wii U. This would probably already need a release of Bayonetta 2, and even the original released on the current generation consoles first though, to remind fans of just how good the games are. I’m sure Wii U fans won’t agree with me on the need for those though as they already have the pleasure of being able to play them.

On possible spin-offs the choices of Sparda, Trish, Jeanne and Wonder Blue are also interesting. It appears that Okami is winning the sequel vote right now, and Viewtiful Joe is in second place. Wonder Blue is on top of the spin-off list.

What sequels and spin-offs would you like Kamiya to work on? Let us know below.