Pete Hines Doesn’t Care About Realism in Fallout 4, Do You?

People often try to find realism in video games and although I believe there should be some realistic elements in them, I play games to escape reality, not to find it in a video game.

So when I see talking Mutants and a ghoul kid surviving in a fridge for 200 years in Fallout 4, I don’t care and don’t usually think much about it other than showing a normal reaction to it “OK, that happened.”

But many think too much into it and want to know how exactly a ghoul kid can survive in a fridge without food and water for 200 years.

Such fans took to Twitter and asked Pete Hines how exactly such scenarios bring realism to their game. In reply, Pete Hines’ pretty much suggested that he doesn’t really care about realism in Fallout 4 and how such things are handled. In short, it’s a video game and anything is possible.

How much do you care about realism in video games?