OverWatch Was Played for 129 Years This Weekend

Some games are a hit even before releasing in the market. From the looks of it, OverWatch is turning out to be such a game. Fans love it so far, developers are doing a good job of making it engaging and fun.

One of the most amazing facts about OverWatch is that players played the game for 129 years during the stress test over the weekend, according to Game Director Jeff Kaplan.

That adds up to 1,139,790.78 hours spent playing OverWatch.

If so many players are playing and spending so much time in the game, of course, there has to be something great about it. So if you are yet to give OverWatch a try, I would definitely recommend it.

OverWatch was previously a PC exclusive but we recently came to know that it will release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well.

The game is scheduled to arrive on all platforms in Spring 2016, according to Blizzard. However, a release day is yet to be announced by the developer.

Have you played OverWatch? What is your feedback for the game?