Fallout 4 Vault Suits Come to Rock Band 4

If you were to discover a guitar in Fallout 4 I doubt you’d be able to play it, but this doesn’t mean that Rock Band 4 can’t bring some of the Vault to their game. Get ready to kit out your character in a vault suit.

Harmonix and Bethesda revealed that they are bringing the Vault 111 Suit from Fallout 4 to Rock Band 4 and making it available in the character creator, and yes it will include the Pip-boy. This will be available on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of the game.

For players looking for the Vault 111 Suit, you’ll have to wait until December 8 which is when the free Rock Band 4 update will launch.

“Rock Band’s character creator has always provided our players a way to live out their rock and roll fantasies, and we’re excited Rock Band 4 allows us to expand those fantastic possibilities by adding new assets to it, highlighted by the Vault 111 Suit. I’ve been a Fallout fan since the beginning.  Playing some of the amazing songs in our Rock Band catalog with a band of Vault dwellers is something we think you’ll find is crazy fun” said Harmonix CEO Steve Janiak.

It will be interesting to see what songs in Rock Band 4 can be sung with a post-apocalyptic theme. I doubt that there are many in there that you’ll find on Diamond City Radio, but it would still pretty cool if there was.

Will you be using the Vault 111 Fallout 4 suit in Rock Band 4? Are there any post-apocalyptic songs in the game to fit the theme? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions below.