Star Wars Battlefront Launch Beat Destiny on PS4 in UK; Biggest Star Wars Release in UK

While there are a number of reasons why some of you might say that Star Wars Battlefront could have been a lot better, the statistics collected for the game (at least in the UK) are outshining everything else.

It has been revealed by market research company GFK Chart-Track that Battlefront was the biggest ever Star Wars title in the United Kingdom. It sold 117 percent more units in the launch week than Star Wars The Force Unleashed, which was the previous best for the franchise.

That is not all, the statistics also revealed that Star Wars Battlefront fared even better than the insanely popular (and successful) Destiny! However, this is only in comparison to how well Destiny sold at its launch in the United Kingdom on PlayStation 4.

Also, the game is the fastest selling non-sequel title in the entire life of PlayStation 4 – however, since PS4 is only two years old so far, this record might not last for long.

Last but not the least, GFK Chart-Track has also confirmed that as far as the United Kingdom is concerned, Star Wars Battlefront was the fourth biggest launch of any game, anywhere in the year 2015.

Interestingly, all that has surfaced parallel to the news that Electronic Arts tried to pay famous people in return of saying good things about the title. Could this be related?