No Support for Fallout 4 Console Commands, Says Bethesda

In case you were hoping to use Fallout 4 Console Commands to do even more in the game, let us tell you that Bethesda Softworks is not only against their usage but they are also warning people of the game being messed up in case users experiment with them.

Pete Hines the vice president of marketing and public relations at Bethesda was asked by a fan over Twitter that just like mods are coming to consoles was it possible to allow console commands, to this he replied with a strict “nope.”

This was followed by an explanation where Hines says that the “use of the console is not supported or recommended on PC. That kind of thing isn’t permitted on consoles anyway.”

While further explaining the implication of Fallout 4 console commands being used (which could have allowed for interesting ideas like instant leveling up, god-mode and sex changes), he said that they will “very easily mess up save games.”

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