Next Focus on Xbox One Updates May Be Background Music, and Time-Based Achievements

Xbox One may have just seen the big November update hit the console, but that doesn’t mean the Xbox team can relax. They still have a huge list of things they need to bring for the console.

In the same interview where he talked about Xbox One backwards compatibility with the original Xbox engineering Mike Ybarra revealed some interesting details on background music for the console. Speaking to Inner Circle podcast he revealed:

“As we look at background music and we figure out where does it fit and what’s the technical solution that makes sense, we want to make sure it’s something that pleases everybody,” Ybarra said. “And certainly it’s on the list; certainly we’re looking at it, and it’s something we’d all like to have as well.”

While music can be played on the Xbox One already, this requires Snap to be open at all times. This is something that is obviously not welcomed when trying to play a game. Removing the need for Snap to be always visible for the music appears to be moving up the priority list for the developers.

Another issue for Xbox One users, or at least something that Microsoft has notices is the low usage of the time-based challenges that should lead to extra achievements. With the lack of Gamescore for winning these achievements it appears they garner little interest which is something the developers want to change.

With no big announcements for a December update to the Xbox One it looks like focus will be on keeping Xbox Live and the network service up and running over the Christmas period. With the need for this to obviously be working well for new players, any updates to the console will likely come February.

What are your thoughts on the background music update for Xbox One, is this needed? Let us know your opinion below.