Microsoft Celebrates 10 Years of Xbox 360 With Lots of Numbers

Microsoft have been celebrating the tenth year of the Xbox 360 and its successes. As usual this was done with lots of statistics showing just what the console has managed to achieve in its storied past.

Over the time people have played on the console it has seen over 13 million years of gameplay. With 36 billion achievements earned it has given out a cumulative amount of 472 billion gamescore for Xbox 360 players.


When it comes to friendships on Xbox Live almost a million people have raced against each other on Forza. Over 5 billion hours of Halo multiplayer has also been played with over 3 billion hours put into fighting against fighting the Locusts in Gear of War.

In terms of achievements in games, over 20 million people contracted workbenches in Minecraft on the Xbox 360, which is not a surprising value when the workbenches are so important to making progress in the game. 19 million managed to get the “Landfall” achievement in Halo 3, 17 million gaining “it’s a trap” in Gear of War 2, and 4 million achieving “…and across the finish line” in Forza Horizon.

It comes as no surprise that the statistics revealed are based on Microsoft games, but I’m sure there are plenty of others that would reveal even greater numbers that could be shared. When all of these statistics are revealed by companies like Microsoft, they are often used as promotional tools for games that can still be purchased.

Are you impressed by the success of Microsoft’s Xbox 360? Will the Xbox One manage the same success? Let us know your thoughts below.