Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Details Leaked! Squad Mates, Enemies, Ship and More

Bioware has been as discreet about Mass Effect Andromeda as possible for a AAA title, the game has also been skipping famous events because the developers don’t want to share much about it yet.

However, massive details might have been leaked for the game thanks to an anonymous source whose credibility was verified by one of the Reddit moderators as far as they could verify.

We have added the video above so that you can listen to everything that is in store for you in the game starting from the enemies, the two Squad Mates, the new ship and so on. However, we are also listing down the Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay features as leaked by the aforementioned source.

  • Two Squad mates as before, a human blonde and a Krogan mentioned
  • All squad mates have jetpacks which come into play in exploration
  • Omnitool has more functionality, for example a combat shield
  • Greater detail in character facial features and models
  • Destructible covers (Frostbite!)
  • Completely different ship (possibly larger)
  • Hints at Mako customization
  • ‘Pathfinder quarters’ section in the ship
  • Main character is referred to as ‘the pathfinder’
  • Story revolves around finding a new home for humanity and other races
  • New ship travel system where you manually fly the ship (not the old galaxy map)
  • Enemies are bipedal cross between Vorcha and Collectors
  • The non-human enemies drop into combat from Cerberus ships
  • One of the antagonists is a human soldier with armor similar to yours but without N7 insignia

Of course this is more than just another allege leak from a random person because we can (to some extent) rely on the verification provided by the leaker. However, we will still suggest that all of you take this with the proverbial grain of salt – until more comes out, preferably from Bioware itself this time.

Until then, check out this speculation about the Mass Effect Andromeda protagonist.