Destiny Couple Have a Iron Banner-Themed Wedding

While gaming online seems to be a focus of negativity at times, it also provides many positive moments. One such moment has been revealed in an Iron Banner-themed wedding for two Destiny fans.

The wedding details was revealed on Reddit by user Howler 718:

“My wife and I have played Destiny since Beta and both of us love the Iron Banner and the decor and theme of Iron Regalia so it was natural choice to compliment our Wedding day. One of the main activities we’ve always bonded on is gaming and Destiny is one of the few remaining great Co-Op games. We’re apart of a great clan and many of them attended our wedding including several who drove 13hrs to make our special day.”

They also provided a link to imgur which reveals not only the story of the wedding and how it came to be, but also some photos from the wedding itself.

Obviously a happy event, it is always nice to see such events take place, all born from a community based around a game such as Destiny. It seems too often it is easy to get caught up in the negativity around games such as these and it is nice to be reminded that social gaming does have a positive side and that it really does help bring them together.

What we also see from The Iron Wedding is how the art of Destiny can be used in creating something that is truly impressive, especially the beautiful rings that were created and the Iron Medallions. The thought and work that went into the wedding obviously made it a very special day for the happy couple. Congratulations to them, and hopefully they had a very happy day.

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