Yoshi Ono Reveals a Five-Year-Plan for Street Fighter 5’s Future

When he’s not annoying Xbox One fans with his jokes about Street Fighter 5 Yoshi Ono is also looking to the game’s future. In fact he has a five-year-plan for the game and content that will come to it.

When talking to Eurogamer about the game he was asked about how long it will take to build up the roster of characters from 16 to Street Fighter 4’s 44 (if this is the plan), and he replied:

“A lot of it will depend on once the game’s out in the wild, and if the model we make comes to fruition and I can be proven right about it being the right choice. Simple maths suggests it’d take five years to get to the roster of Street Fighter 4, and we want to keep the game going for that amount of time. We want to support it as long as we can, we honestly will have to see – we don’t know anymore than anyone else does how it’s going to turn out next February, once we do this completely new way of doing things.”

When asked if he is confident that the game’s release in February will go smoothly he revealed the beta has helped them plan the release:

“I obviously am confident! And the beta’s been so useful, we’ve got the kinks worked out and we see what we need to do working up to launch. I think it’ll all work out in the end.”

So with a plan for Street Fighter 5 that could span over 5 years there is still plenty of characters and other secrets making their way to the game.

Are there any characters that you still hope to see in Street Fighter 5 in the future? Let us know your thoughts below.