Watch Street Fighter 5 Tutorial Mode with a Young Ryu and Ken

The release of Street Fighter 5 is still some time away, but while we wait we still get some glimpses of the gameplay to come. In a new video we get to see a tutorial, featuring a young Ken and Ryu.

With a focus on making the game more welcoming to newer players the tutorial goes over the basic moves as well as more complicated elements such as how to do throws, how the V-Skills work and more. As fighting games like this add more to the fighting experience, they also have to teach players how to use the features that are available to them.

While the more experienced players will probably skip the tutorials it is still interesting to see what the tutorial mode will consist of. In bringing a young Ryu and Ken into the tutorial that we see here it is like introducing them when they were learning their art and being trained as Master Gouken. This is a good story to use to teach new players the basics of the fighting styles.

With a good introduction as to how to fight, the new players will then be able to move into the main game and maybe even take on some real players, though the challenge there will be huge. Though with some practice and balanced match selection it should hopefully be fun for experienced and new players alike.

Will you be using the tutorial mode in Street Fighter 5 or do you feel you are ready to head straight into battle? Let us know your thoughts on the tutorial video below.