Take Two Explains Why Grand Theft Auto Isn’t Annualized

Ever wanted Grand Theft Auto to be an annual title like Call of Duty? You might not, but there are others who want that. However, Take Two Interactive has solid reasons for not doing so.

Strauss Zelnick, the chief executive officer of Take Two Interactive was attending the MKM Partners Investor Day which was held in New York recently.

During his talk, he commented on the business model that they are using for titles like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne.

While all of them might not be at the same level of popularity, it is a fact that all of them are not annualized despite being successful titles. In words of Zelnick, this is because annual titles (talking of games other than sports) cannot reach the highest quality and frequent releases also cut down on the demand and anticipation:

The market asks us, ‘Why don’t you annualize your titles?’ We think with the non-sports titles, we are better served to create anticipation and demand. On the one hand to rest the title and on the other hand to have the highest quality in the market, which takes time. You can’t do that annually.

He also added that as a publisher they are good with releasing “enough” hit titles every year; this way, he says that they will eventually “have a handful of really great franchises and new intellectual properties that together really have the economic impact of an annualized business without the detriments of an annualized business.”

That doesn’t sound like a bad idea, and to be honest, if the Grand Theft Auto games are going to be as good as GTA 5, we would probably need more than a year to get bored of them.