Steam Autumn Sale Doesn’t Have Flash, Daily Sales; Dates Revealed

Remember how Steam has always featured two types of sales, the ones that continue for a long time and the ones that last a day or so (flash/daily sales). However, in the upcoming Winter and Autumn sales, the flash sales and daily sales are going away.

A statement that has been leaked out of the Steamworks developer group confirms this.

In past sale events, we’ve asked for two discounts—a duration discount that runs for the length of the sale, and a feature discount that runs in the event that a game is featured on the front page. This year, to optimize the sale for customers and to allow us to feature and recommend your products in more ways to more customers, we’re asking for just one discount, to run the length of the sale.

Moving on, the schedule for the Steam Autumn sale appears to have been leaked online as well. It looks like the sale will start on November 25 at 10AM PST and last until December 1, 10AM PST.

Parallel to this, the Holiday sale is going to run from December 22, 10AM PST to Jan 4, 10AM PST.

We will be updating you on whatever gets put on discount with the Steam autumn sale as soon as the details surface, so keep checking back for that.