Star Wars Battlefront Heroes vs Villains Tips and Strategy Guide

In this game mode, each team has 3 heroes and villains along with 3 troopers. Once a hero or villain has been killed, he or she respawns as a regular trooper.

Star Wars Battlefront Heroes vs Villains Tips

The idea behind Heroes vs. Villains is that you need to keep at least one of your heroes or villains alive in order to win the game.

This guide provides some tips and strategies related to Heroes vs. Villains in Star Wars: Battlefront:

General Tips and Strategies
The key to winning this game mode is to find your appropriate match-up while playing as a hero or a villain.

After a couple of games, you will come to the realization that certain special character perform better against some and worst against some others. Therefore, it is crucial to learn this early on the game and avoid dying on your team.

While playing this game mode, you should never pick up fights which you cannot hope to win — as Doran Martell once quoted. To give you a general idea, Boba Fett and Han Solo go neck and neck against each other, but when you pit Emperor Palpatine against Han, he literally destroys the Emperor.

Palpatine, on the other hand, deals really well against Luke Skywalker because of constant damage that he dishes out to Luke.

Another thing that you need to consider is that both Leia and Emperor Palpatine are support characters and you should avoid engaging a special character if one of them is nearby — and if both of them are on the same team, choose your fights wisely.

Both of these characters prove to be valuable asset for any team by providing constant support in the form of Enhanced Squad Shield or Chain Lightning Blast.

Since this game mode is all about the special character, never be afraid to sacrifice while playing as a trooper if it saves your hero or villain.

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