Star Wars Battlefront Hero Hunt Tips and Strategy Guide

Hero Hunt is an exciting mode in Star Wars: Battlefront which pits a hero or a villain from the galaxy against stromtroopers or Rebel troopers depending upon the planet.

Star Wars Battlefront Hero Hunt Tips

While playing the game on Hoth or Tatooine, players will play as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, or Leia Organa and while playing on Endor or Sullust, they will play as Darth Vader, Boba Fett, or Emperor Palpatine.

This is a pretty good game mode which lets you go against your favorite heroes or villains from the Star Wars universe:

General Tips and Strategies
Since each hero or villain is different from others, thanks to their specialized abilities, you will have to adjust your gameplay tactics accordingly. Once you get to know what you are playing, you need to quickly assess your strengths and weaknesses.

While playing as a melee hero or villain, you need to stick to close-quarter combat and avoid going out in the open. Ranged heroes or villains, on the other hand, should avoid heading in close and always stay at a safe distance.

In order to deal with these almighty heroes or villains, you need to rely on explosions and other firepower, not to mention working with your entire team to ambush them.

Abilities at heroes’ disposal can easily reflect your normal hits and result in your sad demise. Therefore, you need to devise a strategy to ambush these characters and consider their strengths and weaknesses in mind.

You should have things like Seeker Shot at your disposal to get rid of these special characters without heading into the combat. The idea is to always be on the move, use a good ranged weapon, and pick enemies from a safe distance.

Finally, coming to hero characters, you need to avoid getting ambushed by hunters at all costs. And even if you are stuck in some bad situation, always remember that each hero and villain is equipped with a great escape tool which when used correctly can bring you out of tight situations.

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